July 25, 2016 Rose Wintergreen

Making mistakes is good for you

Are you suffocating yourself by playing it safe?

It can be terrifying trying new things. But if you’re an artist and entrepreneur like me, making mistakes is good for you – it’s your JOB to be playful and experimental and to make mistakes!

It’s the middle of a royally crisp, grey, Melbourne winter here. I had been feeling flat and grey, but this weekend I went to The Musician’s Accomplice‘s music camp. It was run by an exquisitely talented and very experienced singer, songwriter, performer and facilitator, Melissa Main.

She reconnected me with:

  • Creating for the sake of it,
  • Making mistakes for the hell of it,
  • Singing ugly notes and the wrong words for the thrill of it.

She created a space where I felt truly supported and safe to do so in front of other people. I tried playing cello and a full drum kit for the first time, bass for the second time, and did three different performances on stage playing all these instruments for an audience!

Rose Wintergreen cello


My music manifesto

Something has shifted in me. I’m lighter. I feel the possibilities and believe they are real again. The music camp manifesto was much longer than this, but these were the things that resonated most for me:

  • I deserve to take up musical space
  • Play and experimentation is an important part of learning!
  • When you judge others, you really judge yourself.

Manifesto - making mistakes is good for you

I’m going to put this on my wall to remind me when I’m lost.

I’m going to hold this newly revived feeling of creative freedom gently, and let it nestle against my skin like a feather that has fallen gently onto my shoulder from the sky, tickling my collar bone. I don’t want to scare it away.

I’m wearing all the bright colours and a smile to honour it in the midst of the black/grey uniform that most of us Melbournites seem to be shrouded in in winter.

I might feel a bit silly, but I might also pass this blessed feeling on to someone who needs it. Here, have some of this feeling, I’d like to share it with you. You deserve it too!

Making mistakes is good for you!

A gentle question for you – when’s the last time you carved out some space in your schedule to play and experiment and make mistakes for the hell of it, the joy of it?


(This is not a sponsored post. Fab earrings by MOMOANDSHUSHU.)

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About the Author

Rose Wintergreen Rose Wintergreen is an artist, award-winning singer-songwriter, and a marketing and communications coach to artists, organisations and businesses who work to make the world a better place. She’s obsessed with helping people get unstuck and achieve their dreams, discovering and sharing amazing new music and art, bright colours, and savouring extra hot lattes as slowly as possible. She lives happily in Melbourne, the live music capital of Australia. You might have heard her guest-presenting on radio shows on Double J, Radio Adelaide, or Southern FM. She’s also worked as a copywriter, freelance feature writer for magazines, newspapers, and online, a support worker and mentor for artists experiencing disability, and a communications coordinator at Community Music Victoria.

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