March 10, 2015 Rose Wintergreen

Celebrating female artists: Introducing Sam Buckingham, singer-songwriter


Celebrating female artists_Sam Buckingham_Launch Bubble seriesMarch the 8th is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate and highlight the valuable contributions women make to our world. One day is not enough, so this is the first in a month-long series of posts celebrating female artists.

Today’s feature artist is Sam Buckingham, one of Australia’s most pioneering singer-songwriters. She was one of the first contemporary artists to take the plunge and tour Australia playing house concerts for fans (which was such a success, it’s become an annual thing). She was also one of the first contemporary singer-songwriters to run a successful crowdfunding campaign in Australia. Her songwriting and performances are divine, her entrepreneurialism is admirable, and she gives back, regularly sharing tips and experiences with other artists to help them grow their careers.

1. Sam, what art do you make?

I make music mainly, but have also recently been writing poetry and painting. And baking muffins. That’s art too, right? (Note from Rose – YES!)

2. What is one of your proudest achievements as an artist?

Learning to let go.

3. What has been a challenge recently, and how did you overcome it?

I’m finding touring a challenge at the moment because it means time away from my love and my new home overseas.

I’m overcoming it everyday by practicing gratitude for what I have and what I’m able to do, and connecting on a deeper level with people I encounter on the road.

4. What are you most excited by creatively right now?

Trying new things that are swimming around in my brain, and new things that I haven’t even dreamt up yet.

5. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given about growing your career as an artist?

You have nothing to prove.

6. Where can we find your work and connect with you?

I’m on tour in Australia throughout March and April. Dates at

You can also follow what I’m up to at

Sam Buckingham tour poster


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Rose Wintergreen Rose Wintergreen is an artist, award-winning singer-songwriter, and a marketing and communications coach to artists, organisations and businesses who work to make the world a better place. She’s obsessed with helping people get unstuck and achieve their dreams, discovering and sharing amazing new music and art, bright colours, and savouring extra hot lattes as slowly as possible. She lives happily in Melbourne, the live music capital of Australia. You might have heard her guest-presenting on radio shows on Double J, Radio Adelaide, or Southern FM. She’s also worked as a copywriter, freelance feature writer for magazines, newspapers, and online, a support worker and mentor for artists experiencing disability, and a communications coordinator at Community Music Victoria.

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