A new year: 4 things I’ll be doing differently in 2015

Happy new year!

If you’re being contemplative, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s been a hard year for many of us. Would you view it differently if you had a budgie on your head? 😉

Some of my 2014 highlights include teaching 25 artists over a three month course how to grow their social media superpowers, providing one-to-one intensive coaching sessions with musicians and painters to help them develop a timeline for recording, releasing and marketing their new records, and working with visual artists and musicians to help them crowdfund their projects, including solo art exhibitions, and recording and releasing albums.

It’s absolutely magical watching artists realise that what they want to do IS POSSIBLE after all, and it’s a huge honour to be a part of helping them make it happen! Read more

Get Your Art Seen By More People (free ebook)

I’ve been writing this ebook “Get Your Art Seen By More People: The Secret Recipe” and it’s almost finished!

What’s inside “Get Your Art Seen By More People: The Secret Recipe” ebook:

  • How to tell new people about your art without feeling like a show off (and have fun doing it!)
  • How to get people to remember who you are
  • How to make the people who already know about your art care about it even more

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