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What is Launch Bubble?

Art and creativity is a vital life force. It helps people dream, to feel less alone and to imagine a different future.

When an artist stops creating because they feel burnt out or unsupported, it’s not just a personal loss for that artist. It affects everyone.

Launch Bubble helps artists and creative businesses get unstuck, connecting them with the people that need them, so that they keep creating.

Launch Bubble is based out of Melbourne, Australia, but we work with people from all over the world (the wonders of the internet!)


For most artists and creatives, it's not possible to earn a living anymore by living as a hermit and simply creating, waiting to be discovered. You need to tell people about your art and creations.

I understand how challenging it is to talk about your creative work. I understand how awkward it can feel if you’re not sure what to say, or how to say it.

But art is all about connecting with people to make them feel something. Isn’t that why you’re making it?

Let me help you get clearer about why you’re doing what you’re doing; more confident about talking about it; and to connect with more people. It will grow you opportunities you can’t even imagine yet.

It is all too easy as an artist to allow the shape of our career to be dictated to us by others. We can so easily wait to be chosen. Such passivity invites despair. To remain healthy and vital, artists must stay proactive in their own behalf.

Julia Cameron, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance

Who Is Launch Bubble Artist Services?

Everyone is born creative and with the sense that anything is possible, but some of us forget along the way.

Rose Wintergreen, Launch Bubble Artist Services, Founder and DirectorIntroducing Rose Wintergreen – Founder

I knew when I was eight years old that I wanted to be an artist and to help people. Yet, I spent five years studying (psychology and criminology) and almost ten years working other jobs (including as a statistician and researcher) before rediscovering my sense of possibility and diving into the deep end to do the things that excite me most.

I was 24 by the time I finally plucked up the courage to start performing my music in front of people (coming from being so shy that I would never even sing in the shower for fear of someone hearing me).

I had no time to waste. I didn’t just work hard on my music, I also made it my mission to understand how to get my music out into the world and noticed.

I got good at making new people notice my music. Friends started asking me to help them get their creative work noticed too. I did. I was good at it. One day, a friend insisted on paying me, saying “Rose, you are really good at this. You should be charging for this service. People need your help.”

Now I’m living my dream – I’m an award-winning recording and touring artist, a crowdfunding ambassador (I successfully crowdfunded more than $8,000 for my second record) – and I’m working with other artists to make sure their work gets noticed so they can live their dream too.

Artist Services

Artist Mentoring, Coaching, Publicity, Workshops

Helping artists dream big, find the support they need, and kick their creative goals. We provide artist services through one-on-one artist action planning sessions by phone, Skype or in person (Melbourne only). We also tailor and deliver face-to-face workshops and courses for organisations that work with artists who would like their artists to be more confident talking about their work.

We work with all types of artists and creative businesses, including musicians, writers, painters, graphic designers, typographers, photographers, film-makers, coaches, web designers and bloggers.


 Helping you craft your experience and track record into a captivating story that will make people want to know more.


Helping you work out your next steps, who you need to be sharing your story with, where to find them, and how to do it without it eating up all your time. 


Helping you work out strategies for connecting with other people with similar dreams and challenges to you. Because it’s much easier to keep on doing if you’re not doing it alone.


Happy customers

I've worked with all sorts of artists and creative organisations. Click a project image for details.

Trevor Petrie – musician

Trevor Petrie – musician

“Rose makes the biggest of roadblocks seem like nothing more than a speed hump”

Rose is an engaging and inspiring mentor who will improve your vision of yourself and your music in more ways than you could ever imagine. Her enthusiasm and encouraging nature make the biggest of roadblocks seem like nothing more than a speed hump.

The tools I gained, both mental and administrative, have given me the confidence to pursue my passion at a time when I could have taken the easy road and given it all away. Instead, I am now more driven than ever.

Check out Trevor’s music at


Dave Crowe – musician

Dave Crowe – musician

I wish I’d done it sooner.

“I used to feel really overwhelmed and stressed about how to get my music out there. I had zero web presence and wasn’t getting much radio play or press. Rose helped me develop a press kit and release strategy. She taught me how to service my music to radio professionally, shared useful contacts as I needed them and empowered me to take charge of my music career.

Now my music is regularly played on radio nationally and internationally, including in the US, Triple J and Double J. I’ve started applying to play festivals and been getting “yeses”. Marketing and promoting my music is less daunting – it’s a natural part of being a professional musician. I wish I’d done it sooner.”

Check out Dave’s music at

Banyule City Council

Banyule City Council

I worked with Banyule City Council to develop and deliver a three month face-to-face DIY marketing course for visual artists.

Based on experiential learning principles (i.e. “learning by doing”), workshops were practical and fun, including opportunities to network with other artists facing similar challenges.

Topics included:

  • how to get ideas for what to say
  • unlocking Facebook super powers
  • unlocking Twitter super powers
  • unlocking email newsletter super powers
  • bringing it all together in an integrated action plan

“Before the course I was feeling overwhelmed. Now I have the information to know what choices I have, a clear plan, and the knowledge to go about it. Rose has an absolute wealth of knowledge. The course exceeded my expectations.” – Irianna

“Before the course, I wasn’t sure if social media was for me. Now I feel clear. I’m going to give it a try.” – Giselle

“The course was very useful. I used to feel ambivalent about social media and marketing. Now I’ve realised that it’s actually interesting. I can select what approaches suit me. I recommend this to other artists. Rose has a lovely personality and keeps it light.” – Christine




Darebin Music Feast

Darebin Music Feast

  • Service provided: Workshop

I curated a special event for the 2012 Darebin Music Feast about how to start a songwriting group.

Many songwriters wish they had more opportunities to improve their songs and to spend time with other songwriters, but are shy or unsure about how to make it happen. I have founded and run songwriting groups in Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

I covered:

  • how to find interested people
  • how to start up a group (even if you’re shy)
  • how to run a group
  • ideas for writing and cowriting

Each of the songwriters in my group performed and talked together between songs, and answered audience questions, which gave the audience an opportunity to see how we worked together.

The event was very popular and I had many people personally thank me afterwards, telling me how inspired they were.

Darebin City Council

Darebin City Council

  • Service provided: Social media workshop

I developed and delivered a social media workshop for artists in the City of Darebin area as part of their 2013 DIY Arts Business Seminar Series.

Topics included:

  • Key principles of DIY social media marketing
  • Facebook tips and tricks
  • Twitter tips and tricks, and
  • YouTube tips and tricks.

Participants left the event with a concrete set of next steps on how to use social media to grow their career and business opportunities.

The workshop sold out well in advance and feedback from those who attended was overwhelmingly positive.

Community Music Victoria

Community Music Victoria

  • Service provided: Marketing strategy, social media

Community Music Victoria is a not-for-profit, membership-based association that supports, promotes and facilitates music-making among Victorian communities.

I worked with them to:

  • update their marketing plan
  • improve their social media presence (including drafting a policy and guidelines for volunteer staff)
  • make sure the website redesign was user friendly
  • develop submission guidelines for contributions to newsletters
  • develop a structure and layout for moving the member newsletter from a PDF sent out as a normal email to a modern, more user friendly design using an email newsletter provider.


Watch This Space

Watch This Space

  • Service provided: Marketing strategy, Publicity, Social Media

Watch This Space is an artist-run gallery in Alice Springs, Australia. I worked closely with them to review their business plan, marketing strategy, website and social media presence, making suggestions for improvement.

I provided different creative options for ways they could attract more artists and visitors and increase media attention without significantly increasing their funding and staffing.

I also worked with them to publicise “Art Or Cunning?”, a contemporary sculpture exhibition. This included:

  • developing content and strategy for a Facebook campaign
  • scheduling Facebook content
  • providing training and assistance to staff about how to use Facebook
  • recommending creative approaches to publicise the exhibition, including identifying relevant print and online media to target (including magazines, newspapers and freelance journalists), targeting the local community and people travelling to Alice Springs from other parts of Australia and internationally.   

After working with me, they reported:

  • increased exhibition attendance
  • increased following and engagement on their Facebook page
  • clearer direction about marketing goals and techniques
  • increased confidence in executing their marketing strategy
  • feeling inspired by more creative ways to create and share content.




Mailing address: PO Box 422, Preston, VIC, 3072, Australia